Hi my name is Julie Torres my concern is I had a restaurant for 20 years. 2006 I decided it was time to expand and buy a building since I knew everything about the restaurant business.I built the a restaurant from the plumbing ,gas,fixtures and plans approved by the state of NM. After 3 years of payment on a real estate contract 43,000.00 Down I sold my house and 5,000.00 a month.I banked at Bank Of America since 12 years old I had a saving account ,all my life including my business was I stayed with  Bank Of America 40 some years. 2008 BOA  stopped lending to hispanic women small business I had to file for chapter  13 then 7 this ruined my credit and my life.So my question is how will all the small business get our credit back and start our lives over again at the age of 54 and no retirment . Thanks Julie Torres from New Mexico.