US election 2016 is going to be the least transparent election in the history of the US, according to analysts, the new assertion is in the trend after Democrat Clinton collapsed at a public event, celebration of the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attack in New York. As a result, again the transparency level of both candidates has been in question recently, which is reflecting on the current presidential polls standings of both Presidential Candidates.

The two top question about the presidential candidate of US election 2016 is about their healthy well – being and income returns. The nation is going to have the oldest or 2nd oldest president after this year US election 2016, as Republican Donald Trump is at 70 and Democrat Hillary Clinton is now 68.

The health issue is being the important issue, since the job as the President of the US comes with acute physical and mental demands. Though Clinton’s physician made a clear health statement last year, testifying that she was fit to serve as President after US Election 2016, Trump’s health disclosure was note from his doctor, saying that his health was astonishingly excellent and he would be the healthiest person ever elected president.

US Election 2016

However, Clinton’s shaky leave from the Sunday ceremony has created an unexpected political storm, as her campaign took time to make a statement of what happened actually there, which has promoted the journalists to think that something was being covered up.

Her rivals and delegates also made a chaos about the fact that she is hiding some kind of secret illness that can be major issue for being selected in US election 2016, after the episode and video of Clinton startling into her van was published.

When questioned about keeping the secret of her Pneumonia diagnosis, Clinton clearly said to CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday that, “I just did not think it was going to be that big a deal. It’s just kind of thing that if it happens to you and you are a busy active person, you keep moving forward. I think it’s fair to say, Anderson, that people know more about me than almost anyone in public life. They have just got 40 years of my tax returns, tens of thousands of emails, a detailed medical letter report, all kinds of personal details.”

Well, it seems that she also indirectly pointed out the unpublished Tax return of Donald Trump, which trump has already refused to publish. Though Trump released a financial statement, in the last year, to prove that he complied with election laws requiring candidates, which asserted a net worth of $10 billion and business interests all over the world, as well as lists of 16 liabilities owing at least $315 million.

It did not notify the source of Trump’s annual income, the most important information to voters as he can be opted out by voters if he has heavy exposure to US adversaries like China and Russia. Another possible reason for not publishing the Tax Return could be that might be he paid a very low tax rate if his income comes mainly from capital gains or can be written off against property investments – a factor that could be politically embarrassing.

In case of medical statement of his well-being he has said that he is going to publish his last week medical reports details. And also added that nobody cares about his tax returns, “Nobody cares about it except some of the folks in the media. Nobody cares about it,” in a Fox News interview earlier this month.

Current Presidential Polls Standings for US election 2016

Though Clinton made an 8-point lead among registered voters in an early- August CNN/ORC poll, she is now neck-to-neck position in most battleground, according to latest polls.

US Election 2016

Trump has also tried a few methods to be in the competition of current presidential polls standings for US election 2016. Though he is now in even points margin in swing states, still only 34% voters think he has the better shot at winning. Yet August was a challenging month for him, as some High-Profile Republicans apparently supported Clinton, there was a recast of campaign staff and a huge criticism for his campaign strategy was viral among the media.

The post convention’s event of US election 2016 of major parties fluctuating the current presidential poll standings recently. Registered voters are still not precise with their decisions for upcoming US Election 2016, as there is a sudden change or swing among the Republican and Democratic leaning states.

Besides, recent events also influencing the Polls standings for US election 2016, as we discussed above. Even the gender, age, race, education and partisanship. Available information can be arranged such as following:

Factor Clinton Trump
Partisan 92% Democrat 90% Republican
Independent 29% 49%
Gender 53% to 38% women 54% to 32% men
Age 54% to 29% young

(under age 45)

54% to 39% older ones

(age 45 or older)

Race 71% to 18% non-whites 55% to 39% whites
Education 49% whites without college degree 68% to 24% whites with college degree


Above information has collected from the CNN poll, which follows several national polls in August. Recent release of a CNN poll, analyzing other national Polls for US election 2016 has been implied that, Clinton’s lead had declined to the half, comparing the height of her convention bounce.


However, when Democrat Clinton was asked for her opinion about Polls of US Election 2016, she replied with a little ignorance, “I really pay no attention to polls. When they are good for me — and there have been a lot of them that have been good for me recently — I don’t pay attention,”

Clinton said. “When they are not so good, I don’t pay attention. We are on a course that we are sticking with.”

US Election 2016 seems to be the least enthusiastic election among likely voters in comparison with other previous US elections. In the new poll for US Election 2016, 46% say they are extremely or very enthusiastic, compared with 57% at this point in 2012, 60% in early September of 2008 and 64% in September 2004. Although this question hasn’t been asked in every presidential election year, in CNN/ORC and CNN/USA Today/Gallup results dating back to 2000, this poll marks the first time that a significantly larger share of voters say they are less enthusiastic about this year’s election