Another Explanation for Defeat on Presidential Race 2016 by Donald Trump

Mr. Trump gave another explanation of his possible defeat in November Presidential Race 2016, claiming the election procedure as “rigged”. He also claimed that Democrats are going to win a “stolen election” in the presidential race 2016, using deceptive voting, where weak voter identification laws supposed to be exploited.

This assertion has impelled outrage among Democrats and has frightened some Republicans who fear that his method will backfire, angering minority voters and threatening the party’s chances in close races down the ballot in the Presidential Race 2016.

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Since 2010, these major party rivals are arguing on stricter voter identification laws, which Democrats protested that poorest voters, such as black and Hispanic, will be discouraged to vote.

Trump’s explanation

Donald trump is increasingly being harsh towards using his words beyond his party’s call for rigid identification requirements and the unfounded claims that polls are skewed to predictions of outright theft of the Presidential Race 2016. He claims that lawful results can help him to win the presidential race 2016 in certain states.

This argument of Trump held him well behind the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton in polls for the presidential race 2016, in Pennsylvania. No Republican has won the state in a presidential race since 1988.

Mr. Trump has said the race could be seized from him there, “the only way we can lose , in my opinion- I really mean this, Pennsylvania- is if cheating goes on,” at a rally on August 12, in Altoona. Whereas introduced of Mr. Trump, a local Republican Official told that it could be Philadelphia, the city with a large African-American. Prior that Trump expressed that without strict voter identification laws, people would be voting 15 times for Hillary, at a rally in Wilmington, N.C.

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Aiming to get more attention in a civilized way for his Presidential Race 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump hired his new campaign chief Stephen K. Bannon, chairman of conservative news website, Breitbart. This news website has repeatedly given voice to Mr. Trump’s assertion of a manipulated process, holding forth on perceived voter fraud, “propaganda Polls” depicting Mrs. Clinton ahead in the presidential race 2016.

Mr. Trump has published his first campaign ad for the presidential race 2016, focusing on immigration, featuring on an image of polling site with the word “rigged” flashing on screen less than two seconds after the spot begins.


Hillary Clinton at least directly praised Trump’s claims, saying that endless voter registration efforts were the best defense against his tactics.
“We know what we need to do” she told the crowd. “The question is whether we will do it.”
Marc Elias, the main counsel to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and a lawyer, told that strict voter identification laws, aimed at suppressing the minority turnout in the presidential race 2016.

“It’s a sad day when Donald Trump and the Republicans have to rely on scaring people out of voting to try to achieve their electoral aims.” Mr. Elias said.
In support of Trump’s claims for strict voter identifications law in the presidential race 2016, Roger J. Stone Jt., an informal adviser to Mr. Trump added that “We are now living in a fake reality of constructed data and phony polls.” He suggested that use of electronic voting machines could be manipulated.
On the other hand, election law officials have evolved that Mr. Trump’s fiery words will create a self-fulfilling forecast. Richard L. Hasen, a professor and election law expert at the University of California, Irvine, School of law told that, “It went from being Laughable to be what I consider to be dangerous.”
A few research center survey published last week depicted that 51 percent of Mr. Trump supporters have little or no confidence in the accuracy of the vote count nationally, for the presidential race 2016.
Even the general people are showing concern about Mr. Trump’s words for the restricted voter identifications in the eve of presidential race 2016. James Walton, 30, from North Philadelphia, said that, “If he thinks that Obama winning North Philly and west Philly was rigged, he should come out himself and speak to every voter and see exactly who they voted for,
Darrell L. Clarke, Philadelphia’s City Council president, said the racial overtones of Mr. Trump’s remarks were clear. “When you talk about certain areas in Pennsylvania, we all know that means he is talking about Philadelphia and some of the urban areas.”


Republican analysts feared that Mr. Trump’s bombast could invite Democrats to fight to keep it in place for the presidential race 2016. Mr. Braden, the Republican election lawyer supposed that fiery talk about fraud could backfire in tight Senate races in which Republicans end up ahead by a slim margin in the presidential race 2016.
“From my perspective, no, it is not helping. A more measured thoughtful discussion of the issue, which is worth discussing, would be helpful. But that, does not seem to be his style.”
Rigged elections were most pronounced after the presidential race 2000. In that race George W. Bush won by settlement declared the United States Supreme Court because of that voter identification issues. Anyone know what is the latest election polls?