President Polls in Virginia is going to hold an election for the President of the United States on November 8, 2016 and the Democratic and Republication parties going to hold the primary elections for the President on March 1, 2016.

Presidential Polls in Virginia

In the President Polls in Virginia Democratic primaries Hillary Clinton has won that by defeating the opponent Bernie Sanders with 30 percent points almost. There was multiple news outlets that called the election is in favor of Hillary Clinton shortly after the polls has closed at 7:00 pm in EST.


The president Polls in Virginia Democratic primary, Clinton has lost it in 2008 to Barack Obama. Nearly in all of the counties in eastern, half of the state where Washington, D.C, Clinton won the Arlington County with 67 to 33 percent. Some of the states and the more rural counties in the western half was picked by the Sanders. After the similar victory of Clinton in South Carolina on February 27, 2016, she received the supports form the numerous major demographics in the President Polls in Virginia. By a representative sampling of the voters soon they left their precinct polling stations, Clinton has outperformed Sanders with men, women, voters of 45 years of age or older, with educational backgrounds with in a range from no high school degree to post-graduates and some voters who has the annual income on the range from $30,000 or less to $200,000 or more. Other than this she also won a percentages of votes form the African and the American.

Presidential Polls in Virginia

Clinton also outperformed with the younger voters, voters of first time, white males and the some independents on the other hand of the Sanders.

The Presidential Polls in Virginia Republican primaries was also on by Donald Trump where Ted Cruz and Macro Rubio came in second and third place respectively. Form the exit polls, we came to know that Trump has outperformed Rubio with men, voters with older, without college degree, who has the incomes below $100,000. On the other side, Rubio won and came in second place by women, voters of younger, with college degrees and has the income higher than $100,000.

Presidential Polls in Virginia

According to CNN exit poll data, white voters has made up to 86 percent of Republican primary voters in Virginia in March 1. Form the white voters, Trump has won the 35 percent voters, and Rubio won about 31 percent. Again, non-white voters could made up to 14 percent of the electorate votes where Rubio has won 34 percent, while Trump has won 30 percent from the non-voters.

President Polls in Virginia

From the surrounding counties Richmond and Washington, D.C Rubio beat the Trump. Rubio has won the Arlington County with 50 percent and the Fairfax County with 40 percent almost where Trump received just 17 percent from Arlington County.

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