Since the late announcement of Evan McMullin for the Presidential election 2016 as an independent candidate has published, entire nation may be thinking again over their decisions to vote. Comparison among candidates compatibility is being rechecked against one another on the internet. Regarding that, last day we have published our perception about Evan McmMullin. And now we will try to give you a glimpse of Hillary Clinton’s biography, running for the Leading Democratic Party on the Presidential election 2016.


Hillary Clinton, former Hillary Rodham was born on October 26, 1947 and grew up in middle class home in Park Ridge, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Surprisingly, her father Hugh was a lifelong Republican, also served as Navy Veteran in the World War II. May be Hillary’s mother was and still her inspiration for her lifelong commitment to helping every child live up to his or her God-given Potential as Hillary’s mother, Dorothy had a tough childhood.

Presidential election 2016

She attended a public school and was a girl scout. After high school, she delivered her maiden speech in Wellesley College for the graduation student commencement in 1969. After getting enrolled in the Yale Law School for graduation, she met Clinton in Yale Law School Library.

After Law School, she went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund. And then she served as a lawyer for the congressional committee investigating President Nixon. She taught criminal law, criminal procedure and trial advocacy and ran the legal aid clinic and prison projects in the Arkansas.

Presidential election 2016


And since then the journey of this wonderful lady did not stop for a second. She took her mother’s word to heart as well as maintained those words for her lifelong passion for social justice.

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can”

Hillary Clinton has proved that these words are the most motivating words in the world, in some extent. Since 1977, Hillary Clinton worked as Advocates for Children and Families, to improve the lagging health care and education systems, worked with Republicans and Democrats to help create the successful Children’s Health Insurance Program.

That’s was just the beginning of her movements for Human Rights.

Lately, she has served as secretary of state, U.S. senator from New York, First lady of the United States, First Lady of Arkansas, a practicing lawyer and law professor, and an activist. She won a Grammy in 1997 for Best Spoken Word Album for the audio version of her “it takes a Village”.

Even she travelled to 79 countries during her time as First Lady.

Getting the nomination

Clinton made her announcement for bid in the Presidential Election 2016 on April 12, 2015. And she received her nomination for the Presidential Election 2016 as the First female presidential candidate from a major political party since 1944. She got the news of nomination on the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from July 25-28, 2016. She had to beat six major candidates to be nominated for the President post in the Presidential Election and plan some extra ordinary activities to gain the attention.

Presidential Election 2016

However, she planned to make her campaign different. As a result, instead of bragging with an emotional speech, she started to talk directly with people- in coffee shops, at churches, in backyards, at community colleges, and yes, at a Chipotle in Maumee, Ohio.

May be she has come to the limelight in the Presidential Election 2016 with her motivating words in the Presidential Election 2016 campaign, took place in the most of the states.

Hillary Clinton said, “I believe that we are stronger together- and that America dose best when the economy works for everyone, not just those at the top. I believe in an America where everyone counts and everyone has a role to play in building our future.”

Clinton’s Manifesto for the Presidential Election 2016

Hillary Clinton has made an impressive manifesto for the Presidential Election 2016 as follows:

Presidential Election 2016

  • ü To make the boldest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II, she will work with both parties in course of her first 100 days as president.
  • ü She will make debt-free college a reality for all Americans and ensure every student has access to a quality education from cradle to college, regardless of his or her background or ZIP code.
  • ü She will fight for policies to raise incomes and help working families get ahead- like paid leave, equal pay, and affordable child care and health care.
  • ü She will crack down on wage theft, enforce overtime laws, and stand with unions to make it easier for workers to bargain collectively and strengthen regulation on Wall Street- including big banks and the shadow banking system – to protect Americans form another Financial Crisis.
  • ü She will ask the wealthiest Americans to pay more in taxes including a new tax on multimillionaires to help pay for the investments our country needs without increasing the national debt.


Since the party convention for the Presidential Election 2016, Hillary Clinton’s major rival is Republican’s Donald Trump. But because of his bad temperament, making argument out of the blue with irrelevant issues, declaration to drive away the minorities after being the President, feud with a slain Muslim American Soldier as well as with a federal judge, Donald Trump is doing worse day by day in the Presidential Election polls 2016.

Bearing in mind the limitations of Evan McMullin for time, money and publicity, it seems that Hillary Clinton is going to be the First Female president in the upcoming Presidential Election 2016. In spite of her recent email scandals, she has already bagged 51 percentage registered voters, according to recent Presidential Election Polls 2016 for the presidential election 2016!

Hail to the true color of Politicians and hope to see a better America !

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