ccording to the latest Presidential Polls 2016 on specialists’ opinions, The Republican Nominee Donald Trump just needs to win only one state to win the Presidency for 2016.

Among the battleground states, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio, Trump is leading in Iowa, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, according to recent Presidential Polls 2016. Barack Obama has won those battleground state in 2012 Presidential race.

As per Ben Shapiro, in the Daily Wire, Trump would be one state away from winning the Presidency, if win Nevada with those four Battleground states. Shapiro also added that upcoming presidential polls 2016, will be neck-to-neck between these two major party candidate, Florida and North Carolina.

presidential polls 2016

Well, if we consider the absentee ballot responses in Florida for presidential Polls 2016, Trump is surely going to make a big win there. Clinton’s break in her campaign trail after the sudden attack of Pneumonia is causing a great measure to her in the Presidential Polls 2016.

Presidential Polls 2016 results from the Real Clear Politics polling average, Clinton is at 44.9% to Trump’s 44.0%, whereas the four- way average, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson into the mix, Clinton is only ahead of 0.7%.

However, The Real Clear Politics suggests that Clinton is also ahead by 6.6 points in Pennsylvania, a strong lead after her collapse at 9/11 event in New York. Even after that event Clinton’s campaign is also feeling negative about winning two other battleground state, Iowa and Ohio.

On the other hand, the FiveThirtyEight ‘Poll Plus’ forecast for Presidential Polls 2016, suggesting that, chances of winning of Clinton is now less than 60 percent comparing to Trump’s chances of 40%. Which means that there is shift of 20 points since the post-convention Presidential polls 2016, from August 8, where Clinton had an about 80 percent chances of winning the presidency compared to Trump’s 20%.

Polling analysis of Presidential Polls 2016

An Emerson poll for Presidential Polls 2016, from Colorado suggests that Trump leads Clinton by 4 points, while Colorado’s nine Electoral College votes would also in the bag of Trump. It just happened after the three weeks, when Clinton’s Campaign thought that she had swaddled the state to the path of winning the Presidency.

Moreover, in a Democratic leaning state since 1984, Wisconsin Trump has also improved his ratings in the recent Presidential Polls 2016, which shows he is lag behind by only 3 points.

The most exceptional state Virginia gives Clinton a margin in recent polls. Three recent Presidential Polls 2016, in Virginia depicts that the race is within just three points.

A Washington Post Poll found that many voters are living in their own bubbles of Political agreement, which is known as a political separation. This because 60%voters for Clinton don’t have any close relation with any Trump voters, whereas Trump’s 54% backer say the same.

An NBC Poll of Presidential Polls 2016, happened in New Hampshire before her Collapse at 9/11 memorial, depicted Clinton is up by only 2 points. This seems that 9/11 health scare has been a great disaster to Clinton.

Clinton’s point in Michigan has reduced to 3 points, which was earlier between 5 and 7 pints.

The USC Dornsife /Los Angeles Times Daybreak National tracking poll for Presidential Polls 2016, on Monday depicts that Trump is leading Clinton in a large scale, as he was in 47.8 to 41.1 percent lead.

The Los Angeles Times Daily Tracker for Presidential Polls is suggesting that, his visit to a black church in Flint, Michigan, last Wednesday, paid off well, as single digits’ ratings increased to double digits, up to 20.1 points. Among Black voters he is continuing to improve as per this poll.

The Time Poll of Presidential polls 2016 systematically has shown that Trump is still in a greater lead comparing to other polls, which permits voters to give their honest opinions anonymously.

A new Quinnipiac poll for Presidential Polls 2016 suggesting that third party candidates Gary Johnson from the Libertarian party and Jill Stein from the Green Party combined a 44 percent of support from voters from 18 to 34 years old. On the contrary, the Millennials who assisted Barack Obama to gain victory over Mitt Romney four years ago, are not interested about Hillary Clinton.

presidential polls 2016
Image source: trumpxclinton.com

The significant shifts in the Presidential Polls 2016 comes only just 50-day prior of the US election 2016. Video clip of Clinton, showing that her knees buckled as she was helped into a vehicle, may be caused her chances of winning in the Presidential race 2016. According to the half of the American, in the Presidential Polls 2016, Clinton is lying about her health.

As far seen, whenever Trump is up in the Presidential Polls 2016 earlier, he always made an irrational headline, causing his again lose in the polls. This week was also not exceptional either.

Though he has not spoken loudly, his campaign released a statement with words, that Trump is no longer doubtful about the ‘Birther’ issue of the ruling President Barack Obama. Trump was leading this movement for five years and without any logical explanation of his sudden positivity about the issue, he is trying to put an end to this issue.

presidential polls 2016
Image source: trumpxclinton.com

Besides, his suggestion to Clinton’s bodyguard to disarm and he would like to ‘see what happens’, is implying a violence indication encouraging towards Clinton.

 The next important issue can be the Bombing in New York, which is going to affect the Presidential Polls 2016 as well as Presidential election 2016. Both Trump and Clinton have made initial statements in response, but will likely have more to say if a motive for the attack comes to light.

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