Latest Presidential Polls 2016: an alarm for Trump’s Inconsistency on his own Words

Latest Presidential Polls 2016 release has made the Republican seniors stunned again, who are already repenting on their decision to make Donald J Trump the candidate for the Presidential Race 2016.

As the Election Day 2016 is knocking at the door, Trump going on with his rhetoric steadily. He again came into the headlines his flip-flop words regarding Deportation In USA. It seems that the series of his bad days, causing his downward results in Presidential Polls 2016 earlier, were not enough to teach him the technique to handle those matters.

We tried our best to collect information about the last week Presidential Polls 2016, from different Pollsters, such as PPP(D), NBC News/SM, Monmouth, LA Times/USC, Emerson, OH Predictive insights, Mason-Dixon, Gravis, Quinnipiac, Rasmussen Reports, Reuters/Ipsos, FL Chamber, Suffolk University, Florida Atlantic University, CNN/ORC, took place from 24 to 31 August 2016.

Most interesting is that even in those polls there have been swings by date to date, indicating increment of Clinton popularity among registered voters is increasing day by day. Whatever, we should not forget the people who are not registered or did not voted in the polls ever.

Latest Presidential Polls 2016: National Average results

Hillary Clinton, anyhow managed her position ahead of Trump in the Latest Presidential Polls 2016, consistently tops the chart since both party convention took place in the July, 2016.

We are giving you information on 24 to 31 August Presidential Polls 2016.  Some pollsters did not include Gary Johnson or stein in their Polls, whereas some Pollsters have polls once as Clinton vs. Trump and another one as Clinton vs. Trump vs. Johnson vs. Stein.

At first we are going to have a look on the pollsters who have only included Clinton and Trump.

Presidential Polls 2016: Clinton vs. Trump on National Polls

Latest Presidential Polls 2016, happened in between 24 to 31st August, has shown that Clinton is ahead of Trump. Clinton tops Trumps in Economist/YouGov of 24th August with 3% margin, with 10% margin on Quinnipiac and 7% margin on Reuters/Ipsos pollsters as by August 25.

August 29 is a flip-flopping day for both of them, as they were on tie in LATimes/USC poll and on the contrary was in difference in 7% margin by Monmouth University Polls. Surely Clinton was in that 7% margin top against Trump.

Latest Presidential Polls 2016

I think yesterday polls were the most divergent one, as Clinton tops Trump with 6% margin in FOX News Polls and with 5% margin on Economist/YouGov polls, whereas Clinton secured 1% margin over Trump on Reuters/Ipsos.

Nationwide Presidential Polls 2016: Clinton vs. Trump vs. Johnson vs. Stein

On yesterday’s polls, still Clinton is in the lead over Trump, as well as over Johnson and Stein also, 2% margin on both FOX News and Reuters/Ipsos Polls and 5% margin on Economist/YouGov.

Clinton is also in the top of the PPP (D) and NBC News/SM polls with 5% margin and 4% margin respectively. She is also in the peak of Monmouth University Polls, occurred on 29 August, among her rivals in the Presidential Polls 2016.

Well, Last Friday Trump gave Clinton a tough competition on Gravis polls, as Clinton could hardly manage 1% margin amid her other three rivals Trump, Johnson and Stein.

There is a consecutive rise of Clinton was noticed in the last Thursday Polls, according to Reuters/Ipsos, Rasmussen Reports, Quinnipiac polls, Clinton is ahead with 3%, 4% and 7% margin among Trump, Johnson and Stein.

Additionally Clinton was also in the peak among her rivals on Economist/YouGov polls with 4% margin.

Presidential Polls 2016

However, Clinton was not solely rightful claimant of this result’s on the Presidential Polls 2016, as most of the Trump’s supporter now supporting Clinton to show anger towards Trump, for his irrelevant words and breakable promises!

On national Polling averages, Clinton is 4% ahead of Trump regarding Presidential Polls 2016. It says that Hillary Clinton possesses 88% chance of winning the presidency.

Latest Presidential Polls 2016: State Polling Averages

The Candidates will focus on several Key States, as they need 270 Electoral votes to win the Presidency. Most of the pollsters only collected information about Presidential Polls 2016 from the swing states, which are going to decide the President in the upcoming Presidential race 2016.

Unfortunately, besides national Polling, Trump is losing his popularity consistently in Republican Leaning States too. That deepens the anxiousness of the Republican Party for their choice of candidate.

Presidential Polls 2016

Among all the states of United States, 191 States are strongly Democratic supporters. Those states were won by Obama in 2012 by at least 10% points. Clinton is also following his footsteps in that case. She is already on 78% to 98% peak on that Democratic States. In case of Electoral Votes, she secured 13, 20, 4, 16, 10, 29, 18, 15 and 6 Electoral Votes respectively in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa.

Surprisingly at first Trump was ahead of Clinton in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina in earlier polls, occurred after August 15. At present, Trump has control over Arizona, Georgia and Missouri, holding 11, 16 and 10 Electoral Votes in these three states.

In Wisconsin, Clinton peaks Trump with 3% margin as per Marquette Polls and with 5% margin as per Monmouth University polls on 31 August.

Besides that Clinton is on 18% margin against her rivals in New York as per Emerson polls.

However, still Trump has control over North Carolina and Arizona with 2% margin as per Emerson polls and 4% margin as per Gravis Polls. That’s not good either as he was on 7% margin in earlier polls.

In Monmouth University Polls, occurred on August 30, Clinton is on the peak with 8% margin, among her rivals Trump, Johnson and Stein. On the other hand she was on 3% margin in Pennsylvania as per Emerson polls on August 29.

It seems that Trump has lost his control over Republican leaning State Arizona as per OH Predictive Insights Polls, occurred on August 29. Well. He has made a tie with Clinton in Ohio, a Democratic Leaning state, on the same date as per Emerson Polls. Clinton has maintained her popularity among Michigan Voters as per Emerson Polls on the same date. But as per Monmouth University polls, Clinton was 4% margin among her rivals in Ohio, earlier August 22.

A Democratic State Florida, though swung towards Trump with 2% margin in Florida Atlantic University polls, decreased to 1% as per FL Chamber Polls, finally gone back to the Democratic territory on August 26 as per Mason-Dixon Polls.

Regarding Michigan reaction towards Presidential Polls 2016, there are different results on different polls, such as Clinton tops among her rivals as per Suffolk University polls, with 7% margin, whereas she is on 5% margin as per Emerson polls.

In New Mexico, Clinton tops among her Rivals as per PPP (D), with 9% margin on August 24.

Presidential Polls 2016: States without recent Polling

There are still 25 states, where there was not a single polling. These states votes can change the results of the Presidential Race 2016 in the upcoming November. And most importantly, Presidential Debate result could also change the mind of many voters. Colorado, Minnesota and Nevada’s voters can also change the result of the Election. Recently there were reactions from other people, who have not voted earlier or since last four Presidential Race.

Nothing can be said surely at this point of Presidential Polls 2016, as polling results are shifting regularly on the basis of major party’s campaign review.

Stay tuned with us for more update on Presidential race 2016!



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