WHY is there so little coverage of the third parties in the news. You can say it is not news worthy but that is an opinion. I just think the media is getting as bad as the politicians. They are reporting only the news they can dramatize and sensationalize. I remember when news was the facts (all the facts ) and not snippets taken out of context. When we trusted the media. Now it seems more than ever the public is lost in a sea of partial and misinformation. Why not report on ALL of the options and let people make there own decisions. Instead of trying to guide our decisions for your own gain and greed. If you would report truly and fully without worrying about your ratings or how much you can get for commercial time, You may be surprised at the following you would get. I am not a journalist and may not have the greatest writing skills but I do care about this country all of it black, white, republican,democrat,libertarian,green,independent. I challenge no I dare you to give equal air time to all candidates, not just the with the most money. Just  imagine the headline


and being able to say we predicted that. Or better yet we were part of that! Just the dream of a regular american.


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