Undoubtedly the party conventions have shifted the presidential 2016 Election Polls significantly toward Clinton. Trump’s own words goes against him in context of some recent activities. It seems that in this 2016 Election Polls “Clinton vs. Trump” debate Trump himself gave away some points by his harsh words in some sensitive issues. Such as being in a strife with a slain Muslim-American soldier died in an action in Iraq, blundering about Veteran’s right, Provoking speech to Mexican-American and last of all others his recent conflict with a Federal judge concerning his nonfunctional Trump’s University.

2016 Election Polls

Clinton vs. Trump according to 2016 Election Polls

2016 Election Polls “Clinton vs. Trump” has become the new talk in the entire nation as the national polls as well as state polls published few hours earlier. The national polling average has put Clinton ahead of Trump by 7%. As the main rival party is now Democrat Clinton and Republican Trump the National polls has become now the 2016 Election Polls is “Clinton vs. Trump” Polls. The Upshot Forecast is depicting that Clinton has an 84% chance to win the presidency if they held today. Using the Huffington Post’s polling database the national polling average show that polls started from July 29 – August 8 are used to show this result. Polls conducted more recently and polls with a larger sample size are given greater weight in computing the averages, and polls with partisan sponsors are excluded

2016 Election Polls

Live phone polls are used in Manmouth University Polls, Washington post Polls, IBD polls, Marist Polls, NBC news polls, Fox News polls etc. An interviewer asks questions of a respondent by telephone. Most telephone polls conducted by live interviewers combining both landlines and cellphones. But it seems that half of the U.S. households could not take part in this 2016 Election Polls as they do not have a landline. In spite of that still Clinton is on margin of 13, 7, 7, 15, 9, and 10 respectively than Trump in these polls.

Some online 2016 Election Polls which is conducted by self-selected respondent on the internet, exhibited that Clinton is a little bit ahead of Trump concerning the 2016 Election Polls duel in the Presidency. Clinton has secured 7, 9, 4 and 4 margin points respectively on CVoter polls, Morning Consult polls, Reuter’s polls and Rasmussen polls, regulated yesterday.

Well it becomes apparent that in the National Polling Clinton has attained sharp win over Trump. In this 2016 Election Polls Trump has achieved 33 to 44 percentage points whereas Clinton has gained 43 to 51 percentage points.

State Polling Averages about “Clinton vs. Trump” Polls

State polls result can be a little bit stress for Clinton because of swing states votes and Trump is little bit ahead of her in Georgia and Arizona and far more ahead at Missouri State. However, the states has given their responds to 2016 Election Polls in the ascending order starting from Ohio, lowa, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and  Wisconsin. Moreover average margin starts from 0.3 to 6.9 in these states for Clinton.

2016 Election Polls

Trumps bad days are deepening day by day because for their financial crisis as well as his strives with his own party people. On the other hand he has strong popularity in the Missouri states only. He has a little bit support from Georgia and Arizona states as well.

A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win in the presidency. Trump has totally failed to gain support from the strong democratic states in spite of Clinton’s email scandal. On the contrary, Clinton has still managed to get some supports from the strong Republican states.

Switches between “Clinton vs. Trump”

2016 Election Polls

The reasons behind the shift in 2016 Election Polls “Clinton vs. Trump” were unclear. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s lead over Republican rival Donald Trump has occurred since the both parties convention. Clinton had pulled well ahead of Trump on the wheels of the Democratic National Convention last week. But since then Trump had devoted himself in a days-long feud with the family of an American Muslim Soldier killed in Iraq and argued with the Republican Leadership over his comments and leadership turbulence within his campaign. However refocusing on these matters he announced his economic policy advisory team. He is expected to make an economic policy speech and endorse U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan who is seeking his 10th term in Congress.

presidential polls

Well, we have to wait another more 3 months to see this “Clinton vs. Trump” duel to come an end as the National Presidency election is in November 8!!

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